First Action, First Day!

Well, here goes. Having never done a blog, a year long project, or publicly posted myself and my art, I am starting today on my one year journey. Taking advice from a book (I’ll post the link tomorrow to the book, it’s late) I started with a small project using things I already had on hand. Because most of my available time today was spent creating my internet presence and finding the battery for my camera, I went with an earring. As I stated In my profile, an medium or project is fair game, if I think I can do it one day or the portion of day available. Day after my first wedding anniversary seemed a good day to start.

Steampunk has been a passion for some time and it crosses into many areas of interest and life as will be seen as we progress. Some examples are motorcycles, cats, weaponry, Alice, and science fiction. As I journey through this process, I will examine steampunk, what it means to others, what it means to me, how various mediums impact the ideas, how various topics and genres impact the ideas and lead to medium choices, and how in depth is the concept in my brain. I will also learn how to work the blog site better as we go 🙂

Today’s piece is a Jewelry, found object piece. An earring made from object on my dresser. Just a small thing to get me started and show the idea.

Steampunk Earring 1
This piece was made with bits of watch, broken earrings, and pieces I found on the dresser.

2 thoughts on “First Action, First Day!”

    1. Why thank you kind sir. We shall all delve into the depths of what could be and what could have been and see a better place. Here’s to me developing the ability and willingness to jump headlong into an idea and put it in full production without testing or detailed examination to see if and how it works because I can and it could, just as our predecessors in our beloved genre have led us.


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