Freedom through Restriction

My husband said it looked like it was done on hammered copper, I like that thought.
My husband said it looked like it was done on hammered copper, I like that thought.

This is one of those rare moments for me of actually liking a piece I did. As I worked on this piece it just wasn’t going well, was just off somehow and all of a sudden I had a moment of “that’s it! Done.” I always have more to do on my pieces. This particular trait was one of the things prompting me to embark on this project; the need to post a piece each day limits the amount of obsessing over the piece I can do to my available time to work. Another aspect of this same requirement is that I must consistently work on my art in some form or another. This week has been rather heavier in the computer drawing than I am practiced with. I have wanted to improve my skills in this area for some time and have taken this a a time to focus and develop skills and traits beneficial to my art and life. 

On this note of introspection that could lead to a long discussion, the automaton is going to sleep. One more very early morning and then I have a brief break from such sleep banishing torments. I hope you enjoy my pieces and my ramblings, I am learning to see my art in a new way already, even if it sometimes takes posting the piece before I feel that way.

Steampunk chair based on a basic Victorian rocker in metal, done in GIMP.

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