Alice, Alice Quite Contrary

Jewelry, gears, hearts, cards, metal, and wood – the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

As I work I begin to see that I really want to make gears and models and such. I want to try and make the from both wood and metal. The idea of wooden gears and functioning mechanicals using them fascinates me.

The jewelry trend continued another day today. Meant to be a pendant, it could actually be an earring as well, it began with an earring. At this point is probably obvious that my husband and I tend to own and wear earrings in singles and unmatched sets. Creating jewelry from random bits and broken jewelry began with my mother and I sitting on the bed talking. When she would get to sick to be up, we all gathered at her bed to play or talk. Mom and I would make stuff and do projects. We also did stories, made games, sang, and drew. As I got older, she loved I would make her furniture or jewelry out of bits left over from special places, jobs, and people involved in our lives. This has heavily influenced my art and work and blends beautifully with steampunk genre creation.

Simple pendant in mixed metals using sprocket gear, metal plate, and a heart from a card deck
Simple pendant in mixed metals using sprocket gear, metal plate, and a heart from a card deck

Enjoy one more Steampunk Alice piece, this one fairly simple.

2 thoughts on “Alice, Alice Quite Contrary”

    1. Thank you.
      Funny how such simple pieces can take so much time and thought. I would make it more intricate, then realize it looked better in the original basic design and start over.I need some solder to work on some ideas this started though.


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