Spices and Brass

Redraw and coloring done in GIMP and Photoshop combined.
Redraw and coloring done in GIMP and Photoshop combined.

Many of my furniture designs are done taking a piece of material or a piece of furniture I have or see and modifying it to fit my idea or a theme. This one is just a small wood spice shelf, seen in the center of the piece. It could be done with that piece or be redone in metal in the same color or tone. I have been redesigning pieces we have to fit the Steampunk Alice theme. I have not really been able to work on making them yet, but will have all the designs when I do. Not sure why the sides look so Klingon but they kinda do. The lines and the idea of the lines came from a gate or castle in Alice I think, not that it was like this at all, just where I went with it. Somewhat of the mirror mirror tone looking at it now isn’t there? Lots of influences and things blended. Maybe not strictly Steampunk but the materials and lines fit so it goes.

3 thoughts on “Spices and Brass”

  1. I did not see Klingon until you mentioned it; until then I saw the Moon.

    I like the overall concept. However the offset diamond irks me; I feel it would be more pleasing if it were symmetrical.


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