Steampunk Cub

As promised, here is the other Passport Steampunk mod I was thinking about yesterday. This one is a c70 Passport. I began with a very simple black and white image and built up all of it. The basic form is I think a 60s model, they really haven’t changed much so I am unsure. I am trying techniques and ideas in GIMP this week to improve my skill with the program and my ability to transfer ideas to the image. I am getting faster with the program also, for things that took much longer previously I can now focus on trying things or details of the image.

Steampunk Passport
Steampunk Passport

This one reminds me of the really early single person cars and bullet cars. The lines really fit the period and hint at hidden things in the bike. Swooping levers and curves are so rarely seen now, it is a detail and style out of the past.

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