Bugatti Veyron

This has been a day of ups and downs and extremes. In keeping with that, I did another supercar. a Bugatti Veyron turned Steampunk heavy on the Victorian accents.

Also, I am represented on the today!

In relation to that I did a quick review of my projects to see which ones followed the ideas in the book on the days they were suggested and which I put off or did not use.

  • Day 1 was small as suggested – jewelry
  • started from the idea given but strayed – GIMP
  • Suggestion 3 I saved for other days – paper
  • a little related in the concept – pencil and essay
  • collection related – Motorcycles and books
  • day 8 – I will not cut up a book
  • day 17 saved the eye idea for a later series still going
  • day 21 – not a love story but my husband was heavily involved in this one
  • day 22 somewhat related – modular gearing shelves stack to desired shape, a bridge is an idea
  • day 26 is almost opposite
  • day 27 is inspired by a dream as suggested, many are
  • day 28 fits but in a very personal not obvious way, all the images were from my Alma Mater or trips taken there
  • day 31 is not a path, it is the first of the eye series
  • 32 is almost ephemeral, it is a computer image
  • 33 is pens related – drawing of eye
  • day 34 working with wire does not fit that day but I use copper wire frequently
  • 35 almost fits it is an essay about steampunk development
  • 36 kinda fits, redid a project from another day
  • day 43 I did learn new techniques but in GIMP
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron


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