Okay, finally am back into my account.

Life has been chaotic  and stressed and I have let it interfere with my project.

I will try to get back to it better this week, however, my plan is to restart the project and re-evaluate my goals after my move in a couple of weeks. I would restart this week but know I will lose connection and access to my stuff in traveling back to Hawaii.

I am upset I let life interfere with my project and goals, but am not going to let it stop me, just put a reset on the timing.

I may change the focus some or not when I set in my home there, I am not in a frame of mind to make that decision right now.


2 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. It is hard to do when you are in the situation you sound like you are in, but my experience is that letting go of any past failures to meet a goal is better for future success than spending too long on why you might have failed.


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