Update and an Idea.

Well, we have been working madly to remodel the house before we move. We have a little over a week and lots to do. I put in a shattered tile mosaic floor in the bedroom, and will be doing class tile in the bathroom. The former laundry room has new red fence walls, and the new laundry room isn’t started yet. I will post pictures as I finish and get them. They are creative and they were a lot of work so they fit even if they were frequently more than a day. Though given our schedule, most weren’t actually.

On an unrelated note, I found something really neat today. I would very much put one of these tiny libraries on the property if I were staying here. As it is, I am looking for partners to help install and act as stewards in as many places as I can. I will try to help find funding and people to build them. We shall see, I really like this idea.


WASHINGTON, Bothell #4842  Dr. Who, anyone?

free tiny house library 01   Tiny House Libraries Are Real in Wisconsin


NEW YORK, Sloatsburg #1413

WISCONSIN, Kaukauna #2171ILLINOIS, Peoria #3577 

WASHINGTON, Yakima #2994

2 thoughts on “Update and an Idea.”

    1. It seems to be taking off quite well. I am going to put one here before I leave and find someone to watch it for me. I am working with some groups in other places to see if I can get more up.
      One of my favorites is a robot, it moves.
      Mine will look like stained glass in a way, I’m using Krinkleglass with a wood frame so the light will shine through with all the colors but the books are very protected. It is thermal, tinted, impact and shatter resistant, and will keep both weather and animals out. With all the cats here, I will make mine open from the top or they would open it. I’m also using a single slope roof both for our heavy rain and it will be under a pear tree.


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