Travel is good, but it can get long and exhausting under stress, in bad weather, and with little money; moving long distances even more so. In recent years I have moved from Houston to Kerrville to return to university, from Kerrville to Honolulu after graduation, from honolulu to Kissimmee when I got married, from Kissimmee to Hempstead when it was clear that arrangement would not work for us, from Hempstead to Las Vegas in an effort to improve a crumbling life, and now from Las Vegas back to Hempstead to try and rebuild our life from the one foundation we have – our house, bad location and all. Deaths in the family and among friends, loss of jobs, changes in career, drastic climate changes, and many other things have chased every step of our journey. Our flood damaged house was redone on little to no budget and very little time. Vehicles found other homes, and friends quietly moved on. Health issues grew as health insurance disappeared, and pets strained our creativity in how to take care of injuries and illness. But overall, this is our life, this is our home, we know what and who is important, we are not bound by the things and places, we are free to design our own path.

With this in mind I return to a blog I walked away from to deal with life in deep consideration of what to do with it now. One thought is to start a second blog, devoted to my writing and leave this one as a place for my art. Another is to simply redesign this one and change direction, but I am loath to do that. I am fond of my blog and I still love Steampunk, even if the direction becomes more broad, I don’t think I want that to go away. Either way, the description needs to develop as my needs have developed. I want a more broad art outlet though, and I want a place to show more of my writing. Thus I come to the possibility of 2 blogs rather than one.

We returned to an almost empty home that needed minor repair from our absence and the projects we lacked time to complete previously, but no jobs and no money. Yet, here we are – we eat well and continue to upgrade our house as we look for work. Our cats are happy and well fed, even if they insist on getting into spiders and snakes. We stretch and bend to make it work and we know something will happen if we continue to consistently work of rebuilding our lives – again.

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