Work and Art and Life

I have been good at working on my art every day since I removed the requirement to finish one each day. My new work schedule has not allowed me to finish the longer projects I tend to prefer. I have one in progress that I am considering putting on hold in favor of 2 others I have in mind. It just isn’t going as planned and doesn’t really contribute at the moment. Also, life has intruded with other ideas and needs.

One thing is I want to focus more on the things more directly related to the game project, my practice has been good but it is time to focus it a bit more. Also, I am considering designing new wedding rings for my husband and I. We were unable to go with some of the ideas we considered before based on a variety of good reasons, but now with my ring still missing somewhere in the kitchen wall…

Overall, projects floating around, kitties going in to be neutered and in a few weeks spayed, and car being challenging to repair and pout together, and work taking time, I am still restructuring my life and looking and what and how to do everything.


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