Haiku to Fight Mass Surveillance

This expresses how many of us feel I think. And really, have you read the list of dangerous words? It is absurd when you think about it…actually, no it really doesn’t take much thought on the topic.

Confessions of a Geek Queen

In accordance with the use of the words featured on the NSA Haiku Generator, which randomly generates haiku using words that are red-flagged by the NSA and mark you as a “potential terrorist,” I have written some proper haiku that accurately describe me and my use of many of these words:

Competitor nerd
Writes plots about warfare
Phishing for spy finks

I like TIE-fighters
So, peering and eavesdropping,
Illuminati spy

“Underground basement”
Are keywords that trigger
Military spying

Emergency preparedness is a sign of possible terror?

Now I wave at the government spooks of the Western world who have found their way to my site:

Wave and shit-eating grin

Really, I’m harmless.  I’m a writer who likes to tell stories that remind people that war is awful, and I’m a sci-fi nerd.  But that’s really none of your business, and I resent you violating my privacy, so that’s why I’m writing these haiku.

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