Garden Photography


I have been woefully lax in posting to my site and updating.


I have been working on several projects but what I have done most of is photography. I have not had a reliable way to get images off cameras and onto the right computer to access my site since I started this new job. I think I have worked something out and I hope to update things and work on my online projects more consistently, not just my art projects offline. IMG_0102

I have started new paintings in oil and acrylic and I have ordered a pocket set to do a painting journal in the field. I have also started a new art installation wall in the house and we have new plantings in our home garden.

For now, let me share a couple of pictures I took today with our new work camera. These are partially for an ongoing project here at work and partially for me. the Feature is an Oak I just love. The others are of blooms in the garden right now. The dark magnolia are just amazing.IMG_0084IMG_0167

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