Klein Nurseries part 1

Several weeks ago, David Klein invited John Fairey and I to visit his garden and nurseries. This is the first set of images from that trip. The man in the picture is John Fairey, founder of Peckerwood Garden and someone I am honored to work with. I learn every day from him about plants, photography, art, and more, he is a pleasure to work with and fascinating to talk to. I hope Mr Klein enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there, his place is amazing and was great fun from getting stuck in the mud to seeing the growing eucalyptus collection, and wandering 2 amazing nurseries.

This set is all from the desert nursery. and I have many more from there. His collection is interesting, entertaining, and how he has built the nurseries was very interesting to me. The plants are all mixed together in a spectacular array of color, line, shape, texture, and height. Extremely rare specimen stand proud or peak out from under something that just appealed to the eye or other senses with its interesting shape, behavior, or coloring.

Thank you David for a great day and for allowing me to photograph your nurseries and show the pictures.

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