Feeding our people

On my mind is government, society, economy, politics, religion, and how these things intermingle and impact our lives. I read two quotes that put me on this train of thought. the first said that a conservative says if hasn’t happened to me so I don’t care and a liberal says it should never happen to anyone and that is why I care. The second is, if even a single worker for a company needs food stamps, don’t call that company “innovative” or “efficient” ever. There is nothing praiseworthy about serfdom.
This brought to mind recent posts from conservative people I know praising new laws requiring all food stamp recipients to have a job. Let’s really think about this. We have a program designed to help people in need, people that lost a job or are injured, people that had an emergency and need temporary help, people that have any major life impact that puts their ability to support their families at risk. If you look at the numbers a huge percentage of these people are on Social security or have jobs. Many others are on disability.
Think about those like my parents, retired from decades running their own business and building churches. Think about those like my husband’s uncle who was disabled on a job and rather than receive help was fired and lived unable to work until his death. Think of the cashier from Walmart that rented a trailer from us that worked full time and could barely pay rent on an old and broken down trailer and couldn’t afford food. Think of the college students like me that worked between classes and after classes then stayed up all night doing homework and couldn’t afford basic food. Think of Full time employees like me that are critical to the function of business but like me this week are over drafted trying to make basic expenses and can’t afford any vacation or insurance. Think of the people laid of when the company closed or changed procedure and now can’t find work or only find part time but still need to feed the family. Think of men like the one that applied here this week that can’t get a job because no one in the county will hire a felon. Think of all those that work part time because it is better than not working but that doesn’t pay rent much less food. Think of those that can afford basics and rent as long as nothing like car trouble or illness comes up but can never get anything but the most basic and cheep foods.
These are the people we are vilifying and hurting. these are the people we don’t want to help. Somehow the corporate subsidies are fine and the cuts to the taxes on corporations and large incomes are fine. Yet the few dollars going to people in need is evil.
How have we reached a point in society that people can spew angry and vicious taunts and attacks at the idea of feeding people in need and they are considered acceptable. They are the religious and the conservative. How is is okay to pay subsidies to a company, give them tax breaks but they pay their employees so little that the employees need to receive food stamps to eat? Why and how can you get angry at those employees. You are literally saying by this law that you want corporations to pay so little that people need food stamps because your are too callous to help those that can’t get work or that have an emergency.
I am appalled at the lack of understanding of reality and the lack of empathy for others. I am appalled that rather than read the facts and accept them people react in an emotional political way supporting the rights of corporations over people. That you feel a person on food stamps should not be allowed to buy good food is worse. That you feel a person in need and economically hurting should not have any small pleasures in life to make if somewhat bearable to go home to empty cabinets and no climate control. I have lived in high rise apartment in great areas and I have lived in a travel trailer that I could afford to put fuel for the heater and appliances in only periodically. I was working at the time so you would be okay with me getting food stamps but you would still look down on me. Think a moment and consider what is the image you see in your head when you think of someone on food stamps? Look at the real numbers and understand that your image is not related to reality and it actually doesn’t matter if it is.
Let me be clear that everyone deserves a fair chance and to be able to eat. In our country people should never go without food. To be angry at people getting food is immoral and wrong on so many levels it is disturbing and painful. We sit here today watching an openly biased candidate for the supreme court being pushed through despite perjury in order to protect people under indictment and he has stated he will openly defy the law of the land. These are the type of people that have convinced a large portion of the populous that corporate interests are their own and that the foundations of a society are evil. They are showing the disdain for women and the desire to protect the right to force their will on others. they are defining assault and abuse as acceptable parts of society to be accepted and protected. To support these things is to oppose reason, honor, respect, empathy, society, culture, most religions, and all that is right and respectable.
Each and every person supporting cuts to the weakest among us and the hurting among us in favor of benefits for the corporate leaders is attacking what is right and is attacking society. They are what is wrong with this country and they are showpieces of what not to be. To support a liar, a person willing to assault another, a heavy drinker, and an emotional fighter is to support the worst of society and to promote destruction and corruption.To support laws designed to harm the weak and serve the rich is to support the breakdown of society into a highly polarized serfdom that views humans as pawns and tools to be used and discarded.
That you step into your religious facilities and bow your heads in prayer to call for the destruction of the best and the the destruction of the development toward a better state. You are praying to stop development and return to times of death, pain, control by the rich, and disregard for life. I cannot and will not support this and I will not open my arms to those that do. This is not up for discussion or debate. I will not support the callous disregard for basic human rights and equality.

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