69 bug ongoing project

My weekend from work is Sunday Monday so I spent both days on my bug. I sanded the body, cleaned rust, did a deep inspection, primed it, sanded again, did a base coat of paint to prevent further damage until I am done with the rest and can get back to it, soaked bolts and small parts in oil, brought every removable part inside for cleaning, drained the oil, disconnected everything left and started dismantling the engine pieces that must come off for removal. I need to change the flywheel and valves. I need new wiring harness. I need a few random bits. I will need to redo the liner and fabric bits. I may need see mount brackets when I do the floorplans.

I can’t get the payment plan for parts 😦 bad credit. But I will find floor pans this week and hopefully get the engine out… expecting rain a lot so I may do interior prep.

I put a tent up to protect it and it is happening.
The paint job isn’t great but I expect to need a few more coats anyway and will sand it smooth when I am ready.

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