Another weekend has come and gone on the Bug project. More bits are on the way here and many bruises and scratches later we survived.

I required help this weekend that will extend through some of the week as we get ready for the arrival of my orders. First we pulled the engine and the one of the heads.

While he cut pieces of remaining floorplans out, I cleaned the head. I used kerosene for a lot of it and it works remarkably well. First you carefully scrape dirt and oils and accumulated gunk off, pick it out of holes, and check mating surfaces. Then you get the brushes to it. After that you can get to the kerosene with not too harsh scubbies and cotton balls. A razor blade is useful if you avoid mating surfaces.

The valves are rusted but not bad. I will need a valve cover and rods. As I already knew, the most work will be interior. I have to rebuild some mating surfaces for the floor pans to seal. I have a plan and what I need on the way.

The most entertaining aspect this weekend was lifting the body off the frame to get better access and view. It is remarkably easy on a bug and really helped access. Pulling the motor was easy too which is a nice change.


o…it’s coming but is slow. I have a lot of hurry up and wait since I order parts when I get paid and prep and evaluate in between.

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