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As of this evening, I will be able to use my new laptop for my shop for the first time.

My first work will be to list a new hat for sale. I have been making hats!

I have been continuing to get photography in the garden and of my art several times a week, although I have not been sharing them here. I do share them on our work Facebook and in some private groups.

See my new hats!

I have also been working on clothes, seat belt covers, and yoga bags but those are not listed yet. Woodwork has been slower but I am starting a line of wood burned keychains and have expanded my necklaces but they are also not all listed yet. I divided my shop into separate shops so there was more clarity between my items. I may shut the painting one down, for now, all of them are in local shops or I kinda want to keep them. My focus lately has been in my sewing shop and on my woodwork, my photography has all been in Peckerwood Garden and mostly for work recently.


Butterfly A sampling of this weeks art, 2 acrylics and an oil. All of these are miniatures, 4″ x 4″. I have done quite a number of pictures this week, here is a sampling of my current work. I love how the Butterfly in acrylic came out. The Orchid in oil has changed a time or two due to cat’s landing on it or me knocking it over, but I like it The tree is an interesting one I think I want to work a little more on.

Tree Orchid