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New Years, Steampunk, and Pets

Victorian style but definitely not Victorian, Steampunk Character start.

Worked more on the rule system and actually making cards for the game today than the art, though I will do more soon. Last night was New Years Eve as you probably know, so all the noise made the kitties nervous. It also bothered our neighbor’s dog. Poor puppy is tiny and furless to be out in the cold anyway, at least he has warm holes to hide in, but he was quite wound up, with all that going on. So we paused in our work a lot to cuddle the kitties and reassure them until they calmly sat on the desks to watch us. I am waiting for warmer weather so we can finish the laundry room we are putting behind the house. We started it but rain caused us to stop work, since then it has been cold and frequently damp whenever we were here. This will allow us to finish setting up this room as office and art room. Right now, the washer and dryer share the space with us. Not an ideal layout, but it works since we rebuilt the walls, the vents, and redid the floor. Before that, it wouldn’t have been possible. At any rate, work on the game is progressing, and my practice with art on the Wacom is progressing. I had a little trouble with one of the people today – the urchin. He was slow and unfamiliar was part of it, but I am just not happy with the result. The other one I rather like. I also worked on one of the maps but am not keeping that one at all, that was very hard to get used to. For some reason that style work was much harder on the Wacom than what I have been doing. I will continue trying new things and styles until I am comfortable and will continue work on my game.Image