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Published photos

I have a number of photographs published in the new article in the Houston Chronicle Grey Matters Magazine: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Significant-beauty-takes-time-6587484.php

03-14-15 BLJ IMG_2610

Article reprinted at : https://lnkd.in/b-K8iUA

Here are a few of the images they used.

IMG_5532 IMG_6893  IMG_2736 IMG_6909a


IMG_0237 IMG_0239These are 2 of the several paintings I have done in the past week or so. I have a couple of running projects related to painting. First, is these abstracts. Second is I am learning watercolor. With all the forms of art I do, I have never done watercolor, it is foreign to me. IMG_0242


Both of these paintings have an aspect with lighting. They change drastically depending on the lighting you view them in. Even moving your head when viewing changes how they appear. It is one of my favorite things about them. IMG_0240


Abstracts are a challenge for me because although I tend to paint in a very impressionist and abstract style of imagery, my style is very realistic and representational. The combination can make it very challenging to judge when a painting is complete and what the focus is as I progress.

Updating and reorganizing

After consideration of my current work and process, I have decided to make some changes to my site to fit more productively into my goals and schedule.

As such, I will be changing the name and description of the site to reflect, among other things, the move away from a daily schedule to a weekly schedule. This allows me to be more intentional in my posting and keeps my focus on my art. Also, I do not want to overwhelm email of those subscribed via email, I know from experience daily emails can quickly pile up into a lot of mail.

My art is becoming more than important in my life, but increasingly, it is becoming the focus of my life. For now, this leaves me working full time and spending every free moment working on my art and building a business around it. My blog needs to reflect both my love of art and my focus on development. I know this week is not following the weekly schedule J I am taking this week of slow sales at work to develop the foundation and set things up. I want all my followers and visitors to be comfortable with the changes and to enjoy my site. I share a part of myself, my passions, my work, my development, and my pleasure with the people on my blog, you are a part of the process and a part of my art. You have kept me focused, even when I have not shared the art. This has led to the current developments in my art and life and I am pleased to share them with you.

Shear Red Scarf- hand painted
Painting is a constant development, an expression in the moment. This vibrant, shear red scarf has been hanging on my dressing table wanting to be painted for a while. Finally I found what felt right and I began this piece. It is now listed on my Etsy site and I am thrilled to share it with people and hope someone enjoys it as much as I. Rich colors appeal to me on a deep level and this is no different.

Hand Painted Red Scarf