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Bugs and Thief

I did another Thief dragonfly image today. I am less pleased with today’s piece largely due to a couple glitches in my understanding of the program and the effect actions would have. But this may be me being to harsh on myself, or just me having an idea I didn’t quite meet but no one else knows anyway. I think having Garrett in the image added a dimension and story that quite appealed to me. I wanted to try it without to see some things in scale and perspective, this was where I ran into program issues, purely not knowing how the program worked effectively enough, now I do, so it was a success in that. The image is from Thief 2, and if you know the game, you will see I altered the scene.Thief 2 dragonfly

Evolving Dragonfly in a Steampunk World

like the moth, everything evolves.
like the moth, everything evolves.

As I said yesterday, today’s piece is an expansion of that image. The background is from Thief, done by Guyjin, I modified it some and made it more gritty and dark. The evolving dragonfly is a modified form of 1/2 the original bug and 1/2 of yesterday’s piece. I just like the many stories this image can tell.