Updating and reorganizing

24 Jul

After consideration of my current work and process, I have decided to make some changes to my site to fit more productively into my goals and schedule.

As such, I will be changing the name and description of the site to reflect, among other things, the move away from a daily schedule to a weekly schedule. This allows me to be more intentional in my posting and keeps my focus on my art. Also, I do not want to overwhelm email of those subscribed via email, I know from experience daily emails can quickly pile up into a lot of mail.

My art is becoming more than important in my life, but increasingly, it is becoming the focus of my life. For now, this leaves me working full time and spending every free moment working on my art and building a business around it. My blog needs to reflect both my love of art and my focus on development. I know this week is not following the weekly schedule J I am taking this week of slow sales at work to develop the foundation and set things up. I want all my followers and visitors to be comfortable with the changes and to enjoy my site. I share a part of myself, my passions, my work, my development, and my pleasure with the people on my blog, you are a part of the process and a part of my art. You have kept me focused, even when I have not shared the art. This has led to the current developments in my art and life and I am pleased to share them with you.

Shear Red Scarf- hand painted

Painting is a constant development, an expression in the moment. This vibrant, shear red scarf has been hanging on my dressing table wanting to be painted for a while. Finally I found what felt right and I began this piece. It is now listed on my Etsy site and I am thrilled to share it with people and hope someone enjoys it as much as I. Rich colors appeal to me on a deep level and this is no different.

Hand Painted Red Scarf

Art’s Folly, my personal place to supply my original work to the world.

23 Jul

Abstract Rose Acrylic Painting

Abstract Acrylic Rose Painting

Abstract Acrylic Rose Painting – original art by me, currently posted on my new Etsy site.

I need to get back to posting things as I do them :)

In the meantime, let me share some of my more recent work over the next couple of weeks. Several of them are posted on my new Etsy store, which was one of my current projects.

The above mini painting is a 4×4 canvas acrylic based on a close up photo I took some time ago. the initial sketch on the canvas was only the barest approximation to get me started. the piece developed from there into one of my favorite of my mini paintings. I hope you enjoy it also.

Hunter Development

2 Apr

I have been reading during my lunch most days lately and have made only a little progress on my current picture.

I decided I wanted to post his one as a Show of my development. This set starts somewhere in the early middle and moves through the current state of the image.



current hunter

current hunter







Steampunk Sewing Kit

27 Feb

This piece is one of them I am working on right now, I am in process of more than one, something I am trying not to do. In my Steampunk game, there are item cards you can find, some are useful in-game, others are simply treasure. This one, could go either way frankly, but will probably have a limited use. The drawing is not quite done, but I am uncertain what direction I want to go to finish it. I remember seeing my friend’s grandmother wear a wrist piece for sewing that had several things on it. I have seen other ideas like that, some actually were used and some are expansions for the Steampunk theme. Which is this? I am not sure, but it also has a bit of armor to it being a hard leather gauntlet.

Gauntlet Sewing Kit

Gauntlet Sewing Kit

There are a couple of details I need to correct or smooth on the piece, but the foundation is there and it is mostly complete. I drew quite a bit of it sitting outside for lunch – pleasant but bad lighting for computer use.

Lifehacks and Society

22 Feb

Lifehack is a term used frequently now, and the idea behind it in a way, bothers me. Let me explain:

A practical DIY I found related

A practical DIY I found related

I don’t mean it bothers me to use practical tools and items, to reuse things, to simplify, to organize, or most of the other things given as examples. What bothers me is the idea that these things are cheating. This use of the work hack, related to computers and technology is obviously the one people mean, not an act using a knife or axe, a broken down horse or a riding horse,

From horsewisperingireland.com

From horsewisperingireland.com

a board for feeding hawks, a rack for drying bricks or cheese. It seems this word has some history and variety in definition already.
It is curious how such a word moves into technology. The act of cutting into and chopping through is how it was applied, but the societal implication is that hacks in technology are cheats, criminal actions, bypasses, alterations of defined parameters. We won’t even get into the issue of why is it anyone’s business what I do to a computer program on my computer or phone if it does not actually affect you. Pro-Life-Anonymous-supporter-arrested-after-abortion-hack-AnonymousWeAreLegionInstead we will look at how this applies to strategies for more efficiently manage time. Reading lifehack sites you see everything from how to use the tools you have and don’t know all about to new gadgets. Directions to combine objects or tasks are common, and practical strategies are a given if you look at the more common definitions of the term. None of these are a problem in and of themselves. What is at issue is the mindset that first, sees these things as somehow cheating, and second will only do these things if told how and why. Many of the techniques are simply instructions on how to use the devises and programs you already own, do people really have bad enough attention spans they do not learn their devises before using them? I know, some people say they don’t have time to learn their devise…funny, they had time to look up and read the life hack that spoon feeds the information to them in a form they want and like. Using the tools you have is intelligent, using them differently is creative. Neither is cheating, neither requires you to be special. Knowing a tidbit of data someone spoon-fed you does not make you special or better, it means you can listen to suggestion even though you can’t or won’t think of them yourself.

This place we found between huge resorts, tourist attractions is my kind of de-stress and de-clutter. No one was there and it was amazing.

This place we found between huge resorts, tourist attractions is my kind of de-stress and de-clutter. No one was there and it was amazing.

People’s lives are too complicated and stressful; being more efficient and removing excess is to be applauded as a practical and wise choice not as cheating or breaking the rules. And these things should be used to simplify life and de-stress not as ways to allow more things in. Go ahead de-stress, de-clutter, be practical, be efficient and be happy about it, view it as life not as life cheated.

Poverty can happen to anyone. (Guardian column, Feb 2013).

21 Feb


This is such a good story that touches on one of the topics I mentioned in my blog the other day. I had to share her well put answer to people’s bias against those people having trouble for reasons we don’t know. Many of us have had bizarrely difficult times and there wasn’t much we could have done to prevent it at the time. In hindsight we might see ways we could have changed it sooner, but you cannot regret your decisions and sometimes it is not easy to think logically about some things.

Originally posted on JACK MONROE::


I didn’t manage to say very much on Channel 5′s The Big Benefits Row, beyond an opening remark about people not being able to just rock up to a food bank with a carrier bag and help themselves. I started to talk about the Trussell Trust when Edwina Currie, also on my panel, cut over me to talk about my grandfather’s circumstances.

I wanted to say that poverty is almost indescribable to Edwina and co with their blinkered, self-righteous attitudes. That turning off the fridge because it’s empty anyway, that sitting across the table from your young son enviously staring down his breakfast, having freezing cold showers and putting your child to bed in god knows how many layers of clothes in the evening – it’s distressing. Depressing. Destabilising.

Imagine living for 11 weeks with no housing benefit, because of “delays”. Imagine those 77 days of being chased for rent…

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Marketing and Societal Unrest

20 Feb

I found myself completely unable to focus yesterday. Lunch is typically my time to draw and focus to relax and be more focused in the afternoon, since morning is my best work time for office work. I am unsure why this is true, since I really am not fully awake for some time, and by then my focus is growing flighty. Today, on the other hand has been one of disjointed attention since before the alarm went off. I couldn’t even focus on sleep and was awake early, thus being soundly asleep when the alarm did go off. Driving to work this morning I changed CDs twice, and I listen to NPR most of my ride, it was just not a day for some stories. News is growing repetitive and not only do the same things keep happening; they appear several places in a row each time. Many news stories prompt me to stop and research the topic when I get to work, it is part of why I arrive early; others just make me wonder about humanity, society, and the world.

Rebellions are the name of the day right now in news, that and labor laws. Most of the rebellions in this wave are due to repression, restriction of free gathering and communication, economics, and as always a little religious and race conflict thrown in. What I find curious about this, is the US response regarding many of the situations has been to tell them the repressive rules and restrictions on groups gathering peacefully, communication, free speech, and economic policies must be changed and they must be more humanitarian. This, from a government that has made it illegal to gather in groups, and can arrest anyone, claiming suspicion of terrorism without proof and hold them indefinitely. This from the society that is so concerned with political correctness and a war on terror they attack, ban, or silence anything not in a midline, conciliatory stance, or anything that could be implied as wishing harm on anyone or thing. This from a place that dictates you must carry identification papers everywhere; have vehicular, home, and medical insurance by law; must register where you are with the government and allow them to record every phone call, internet use, or recording of you; that films you in every action down to sitting at a red light. Any act of control can be logically explained to sound necessary, vital, good, and in the name of safety or freedom; but in reality, controls for the sake of safety limit freedom by their very nature. The difference is that Americans will never have those kinds of riots and upheavals, not because they are better off, not saying they are not, just that is not a factor. Americans are a society that wants their convenience, their security, their immediate comfort; anything that disturbs the balance is obviously bad. Besides they cannot agree on anything, and do not insist the government follow their desires, most American’s do not even know most of what the government does inside the US borders or out.

We had large groups go out in protest over foreclosures, joblessness, and economic inequality; but what I heard from people was those were just lazy, dissatisfied, basically worthless people not contributing to society, they needed to be ignored or cleaned up. Because they lost their home or their job, or both they were immediately less than, they became the problem and they were not following procedure. More than that, they were making waves and bringing bad attention. I find this somewhat remarkable; this attitude slipped through in many forms but was extremely common; not always the obvious statement, but often implied or the foundation of what was said. I see and hear comments stating that unemployed are lazy, or that minimum wage workers get less because they do less, have less skills, have less education, basically they are worth less. Consider the reality that many people work where they can get a job since the longer you are out of work; the harder it becomes to get a job. One research project found companies were more than 80% more probable to discard a resume with no callback if the applicant was out of work for more than 6 months, in favor of someone less qualified for the position. More than that, when you have a family to take care of, bills piling up, and are growing increasingly desperate at the pointless education and experience (since that is what it feels like when no one will hire you), then you will take any job that will give you a paycheck. I have known people with master’s degrees that were working minimum wage, or below if they were wait staff, when I met them. Do they have less drive, intelligence, experience, or is it less connections, access, and timing? Maybe they just had a bad time and are trying to start over.  Are we in a position to make these judgments on people? I don’t think we are, but I also don’t think a society with that outlook will have a real rebellion or push for change.

 People accustomed to comfort and spoon fed information will accept the bones thrown at them if it is through the right channels and marketed well. We are a society addicted to marketing. Understand, my Masters is in Marketing, I studies just how this came about and have considered where it has and will lead us. It dips into everything, even how television is done. Little things like, why run full television series and movies rather than more mini-series (an odd tangent it seems – I warned you). One answer is that unless they can market them like movies or have the reach of a full series, the marketing is lost in the flood and besides, we do not have the practice at moderation. There are other aspects to this, but marketing is a major part in the development, the result, and the future.  I see marketing direct everything from clothing to politics, art to sports.

Society seems to have gone backward of how it should function, when you allow marketing to control that much, you are allowing marketing to direct your thought. Politicians spend absurd amounts now in marketing themselves and their agendas, not because they want to fix anything, but because they want the benefits no one admits are there. Why would they spend millions to get something with no benefits? They are career politicians that must be reapproved every few years and never really make any drastic changes because that would rock the boat and they would lose their gig. But marketing makes it all sound good. Marketing directs what people wear, where they eat, what they eat, what they drive, where they live, how they talk, who they vote for, the things they buy, and what they watch. That’s a bit scary, look at how much of what most people do is directed by the practiced and studied art of manipulation employed by marketing people in business, government, non-profit, and media groups. Health industry markets good practices they are currently promoting. Pharm-coms promote drugs and procedures they want to sell. Insurance companies promote needs. Businesses promote products, services, needs, and more. Political entities promote agendas, people, policies, laws, and whatever else they think will help them. Legal entities promote laws, actions, safety, behavior, equipment, and dangers. Marketing teaches you that rather than following the market needs, you create the need that you have the product to fill. Business filled needs, but marketing shapes society to create the needs that make someone money or power.

This is marketing at work. A pool on the beach in a place with perfect weather and water temp year round.

This is marketing at work. A pool on the beach in a place with perfect weather and water temp year round.


Deck Table

19 Feb

Deck Table

This picture is a return to things more closely related to my game design. Obviously this needs some changes to fit on an airship but I was still working on lighting and other aspects. I would prefer it to be a bit smoother, but am pleased with several aspects of this picture. I started somewhat differently in this on than I have in several others with the first layer or two being simple washes of gradual color development. In the others I have started with shadows and highlights to mark specifics. Working on these also reminds me of the frequency with which you see people comment on Photoshop as synonymous with fake images…I started this with blank pages, not even white and developed the image just as if on a canvas….where is the fake part? I enjoy this type of art with the Wacom for the ability to combine styles I learned in traditional art forms without the requirement to sit in a studio for days…I can do this at lunch at work.

sunrise-aulani< This one is The previous drawing I said I was not going to finish right now. I decided to post it in the current state so you can see where I am on it.

Haiku to Fight Mass Surveillance

17 Feb


This expresses how many of us feel I think. And really, have you read the list of dangerous words? It is absurd when you think about it…actually, no it really doesn’t take much thought on the topic.

Originally posted on Confessions of a Geek Queen:

In accordance with the use of the words featured on the NSA Haiku Generator, which randomly generates haiku using words that are red-flagged by the NSA and mark you as a “potential terrorist,” I have written some proper haiku that accurately describe me and my use of many of these words:

Competitor nerd
Writes plots about warfare
Phishing for spy finks

I like TIE-fighters
So, peering and eavesdropping,
Illuminati spy

“Underground basement”
Are keywords that trigger
Military spying

Emergency preparedness is a sign of possible terror?

Now I wave at the government spooks of the Western world who have found their way to my site:

Wave and shit-eating grin

Really, I’m harmless.  I’m a writer who likes to tell stories that remind people that war is awful, and I’m a sci-fi nerd.  But that’s really none of your business, and I resent you violating my privacy, so that’s why I’m writing these haiku.

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Work and Art and Life

10 Feb

I have been good at working on my art every day since I removed the requirement to finish one each day. My new work schedule has not allowed me to finish the longer projects I tend to prefer. I have one in progress that I am considering putting on hold in favor of 2 others I have in mind. It just isn’t going as planned and doesn’t really contribute at the moment. Also, life has intruded with other ideas and needs.

One thing is I want to focus more on the things more directly related to the game project, my practice has been good but it is time to focus it a bit more. Also, I am considering designing new wedding rings for my husband and I. We were unable to go with some of the ideas we considered before based on a variety of good reasons, but now with my ring still missing somewhere in the kitchen wall…

Overall, projects floating around, kitties going in to be neutered and in a few weeks spayed, and car being challenging to repair and pout together, and work taking time, I am still restructuring my life and looking and what and how to do everything.



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