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Thoughts on Today

The world through my glasses today is distant and like clouded glass. I feel like I am interacting with everything from a distance, not really in my body. It feels like exhaustion but not exactly. It is almost like the mask slipped and I can see it. Motivation has been a challenge for a while as I struggle with depression and loneliness. I feel like the end goal is not in sight and I don’t know why I am doing anything. Being here, where I choose to be helps me keep going knowing eventually I will find a window to something. In the meantime I struggle with simple tasks. Being in groups is hard. I can’t separate the background noise and voices from those at my table and I must closely watch someone’s face to hear what they say and understand it. Processing reactions and emotions and understanding why they are reacting the way they are is exhausting. I need the social interaction but is so much work to deal with the people, lights, colors, sounds, smells, and activity around me. Without my training in how to move and read people from modeling and communication classes I would not be able to handle it. Pain is a constant mild presence but some of it is more numb or pressure than pain, but maybe that is just long term tolerance of it. Depression runs in cycles, some low and some high. When I think about my body I think about things I want to change, like hair or teeth, or breasts. But when I think about life my mind shies away not sure where to focus. Small details take up each moment and focus the mind away from the clawing fear of being alone until I can rebuild the mask that hides it from the world. I find that my mask is so good even the psychiatrist doesn’t see thee pain unless I force myself to tell him and try to explain. Every few minutes I clean my glasses or hands trying to breach the distance and feel the world. A cup of coffee gone and no real memory of drinking it. Soft new clothes feel good on my skin and distract my mind again. It feels like I will never move forward and never have a life worth living. My mind wonders if my husband will ever be in the same state as me and if he does do so can we get by financially together. Work is quiet and cold and I struggle to interpret interactions and know if the comment was insult, humor, or statement. I simply let it go, distance, it doesn’t matter.


Another Week Alone
Hanging up Sunday night is always hard. Tomorrow I go back to work to face another week alone.

Another week I will do all the little things he does to take care of me for myself.

Another week I will eat and cook alone.

Another week i won’t feel his touch.

Another week I won’t see his eyes.

Days spent just getting by.
Days spent answering when he will arrive.
Days spent in distraction.

Finding myself watching life.

Finding myself escaping life.

Finding myself hiding myself.

Just sitting at the desk.

Just watching the waves.
Just playing my games.

Maybe learning a new art.

Maybe trying a new experience.

Maybe going somewhere new.

Purpose lost.

Purpose drowning.

Purpose only to have him here.

Silent screams in my head.

Silent about my work.

Silent in my dreaming.

Very tired with no sleep.

Very alone surrounded by people.

Very hungry for his touch.
Zone out into a game.

Zone into my art.

Zone out listening to his voice.

Another week alone.


Another Week Alone take 2
Another week without his laugh.
Another week without his arms.

Another week without his support.

Busy about the distractions of life.
Calling just to hear his voice.
Distance vast and empty in my mind.
Empty of direction and purpose.

Falling quietly apart.

Gaining ground and building strength.

Having tea I made myself.
Interests intense distraction from the pain.

Just me for meals I cook alone.

Keeping my schedule alone.
Lost staring at the waves and stars.

Many distractions to fill the time.

No passions to fill the heart.
Open books I read alone.
Paying the bills without his calm.
Quiet in my room without his game.
Reading on the bus to somewhere new.

Sitting at my desk with nothing to do.

Trouble with the crowds he would keep away.

Up with the sun to start my day.

Visiting places to tell him about.

Writing on my lunch I eat alone.

apeX of the day is hearing his call.
Yesterdays stretch further as tomorrows loom.
Zoo of life like windows to how people live.


Thoughts from recent days conversations, shows, and people doing things around me…

1. I am sick of guys response to a woman doing something that makes them feel good being to explain that guys don’t find it attractive. Women’s lives and pleasures do not revolve around you, get over it.

2. There are no circumstances that a grown man forcing a child’s hand onto his penis is humorous. To reiterate an earlier post on facebook … Jokes at others expense are not funny. Jokes about others are not funny. Exploitation is not funny. Rape is not funny. Assault is not funny.

3. No it is not an acceptable defense for murder to say he startled me. Why the Fuck do I keep hearing this? What the fuck is wrong with society that people actually think that?

4. Video games and movies do not cause violence, read the actual studies and examples people. It has been shown to have no effect of increasing violent tendaxies and to provide a healthy outlet for stress, and in the case of social games provide practice.

5. I am socially awkward and bad at accepting help, praise, and gifts but I am amazed and unreasonably grateful for people that stick around and do it anyway. Not all people suck.

6. Just because you own more than someone does not mean you are better than them. Elitists piss me off.

7. Homeless people are not all drunks and druggies and treating them like shit is wrong whether they are or not. They need help not disdain Assholes. I don’t care if you found an article to support your bias it is still wrong and nit backed by science, reality, compassion, or intelligence.

8. What someone is wearing is not an invitation, not a sign of intelligence or lack thereof, not a reason to insult them, none of your business. Why are we still having this conversation. People can wear what they want and it is none of your business.

9. You don’t know what is in other people’s lives so get off your high horse.

Life and Depression

I considered writing a piece about the appalling elitist attitudes and ingrained racism I have witnessed recently but to be honest, I’m tired. I’m tired of the anger. I’m tired of the widespread elitism. I’m tired of being depressed and broke. In general I just needed a break from it. My birthday is this week and I still want things to change but for this week I am admitting that there isn’t much I can do. So, art is happening and thoughts for future words percolate in my brain As I play escapism games.

Cliff Dwelling
Cliff Dwelling

Unnamed as of yet
Unnamed as of yet





Cliff Dwelling
Cliff Dwelling

First, a painting. this is one of my favorites, a watercolor done based on the cliff dwellings I visited last year.


there is also a home project, mostly done. A shoji screen for the pantry we built recently. We still are changing one wall and have not done the door frames yet. I really like how the metal sheets came out in the center and on the frame above. This project completely changed about 4 times before getting this far.



The other is a painting developed when I was in Florida. Researching the older cultures in Mexico and Central America I designed this, using correct designs and architecture but mixed my own way.


I need to get my good camera working, this one is taking very pale images.



Cat Tree
Cat Tree

Happy Friday everyone,

A bit of a varied collection this week:

First, the coupon code OCTOBER is still effective on my Etsy store though the lowered pricing has ended.

Wormy Wood I am considering for a project
Wormy Wood I am considering for a project

We have been trying to finish projects around the house this week and next so I have one of those to show.

Wormy Wood, other side
Wormy Wood, other side

It is a cat tree built into the corner using a favorite branch of a couple of the cats. There is a small red shelf midway up for them to play on. I left short branches for them to grab and hang from since they love that.

Also there are several drawings from my notebook. These are pencil.

Chinese Style
Chinese Style


Furniture Sketches
Furniture Sketches

Publishing an Organized Book

This week was a bit scattered due to family tragedy but I did publish a book I had been working on. I am more pleased with this one and because of it will be releasing a second edition of the first that is expanded and possibly has illustrations. This one is based on my educational and work career as well as my life and experience and how it can help others in their homes and lives. The illustrations are drawn by me and the front image is by me of a box I made, for sell on my Etsy site (ArtsFolly).Organizing cover

Organizing Your Home

Most of my other projects have slowed or were on hold until we get through the issues. Though I did gather supplies and create some new design ideas.

My plan for my next jewelry pieces is still mini paintings but I have glass, copper and wood instead of canvas.

Well, that is my brief for this week, hope everyone here is well.

Painting, Tile, Jewelry, and Furniture

Jewelry and furniture are the major pieces in process this week. I also have a 5 painting set in a single wood frame I am working on, and a larger canvas acrylic I started. Painting and mosaic have been the major focus this week.

My first wearable art original painting pendant is now finished and posted.

Big Bend National Park sunset acrylic original painting pendant for a necklace.
Big Bend National Park sunset acrylic original painting pendant for a necklace.

Initially, I began 2 oil paintings on canvas to use for this project, but the humidity recently has prevented my first layer from drying for over a week and I cannot proceed on those yet. So, I did an acrylic. Big Bend National Park is a favorite place for my husband and I; the image I painted is a sunset there. I love the colors in the sky and desert there.

unmounted painting for pendant
unmounted painting for pendant

Mosaic work was on the wormy wood desk I started last weekend. I laid the tile, though it is not grouted yet. I also decided to cut a piece of heavy tempered glass to cover the top when complete and that will be framed in.

mosaic tile set but not grouted or covered in glass yet
mosaic tile set but not grouted or covered in glass yet

The painting series is a 5 part set sunrise to evening, each of a different tree around Texas. I have finished the sunrise and started another. I also have the frame and matting ready for the 5 postcard size paintings in acrylic.SUNRISE IN TEXAS

Steampunk Sewing Kit

This piece is one of them I am working on right now, I am in process of more than one, something I am trying not to do. In my Steampunk game, there are item cards you can find, some are useful in-game, others are simply treasure. This one, could go either way frankly, but will probably have a limited use. The drawing is not quite done, but I am uncertain what direction I want to go to finish it. I remember seeing my friend’s grandmother wear a wrist piece for sewing that had several things on it. I have seen other ideas like that, some actually were used and some are expansions for the Steampunk theme. Which is this? I am not sure, but it also has a bit of armor to it being a hard leather gauntlet.

Gauntlet Sewing Kit
Gauntlet Sewing Kit

There are a couple of details I need to correct or smooth on the piece, but the foundation is there and it is mostly complete. I drew quite a bit of it sitting outside for lunch – pleasant but bad lighting for computer use.

Deck Table

Deck Table

This picture is a return to things more closely related to my game design. Obviously this needs some changes to fit on an airship but I was still working on lighting and other aspects. I would prefer it to be a bit smoother, but am pleased with several aspects of this picture. I started somewhat differently in this on than I have in several others with the first layer or two being simple washes of gradual color development. In the others I have started with shadows and highlights to mark specifics. Working on these also reminds me of the frequency with which you see people comment on Photoshop as synonymous with fake images…I started this with blank pages, not even white and developed the image just as if on a canvas….where is the fake part? I enjoy this type of art with the Wacom for the ability to combine styles I learned in traditional art forms without the requirement to sit in a studio for days…I can do this at lunch at work.

sunrise-aulani< This one is The previous drawing I said I was not going to finish right now. I decided to post it in the current state so you can see where I am on it.



I am finally posting this drawing. Frankly, I’m not entirely pleased with it and have had a terrible time figuring out what is actually causing the aspects I do not like in these drawings. I am not sure if it is the medium, the brushes, me, or what. I am pleased with my progress and the development in the depth of an image and use of layering but still find lighting an issue. Oddly, I am usually good with shadows, it is the highlights that get me. Certain materials and textures are a challenge for me. Metals, Skin, and stones are especially challenging to build up color by color without metallic colors. I need to understand a few things in Photoshop better. Overall, good progress and development, just not what I was initially intending. Makes a difference when you know someone well I think.